Saturday, October 28, 2006

A poem from Assieh Amini

روياهاي زني سي‌ساله را مي‌نويسم
كه روزها پيراهن گشاد تنهايي‌اش را مي‌پوشدو مي‌رقصد
با ترانه‌اي كه خود سروده است.
و شب‌ها كوك مي‌زند سوراخ‌هاي ستاره راروي دامن شب
تا مگررفو شودشكاف عميقي كه بين او و روياهاي همين ده سال پيش افتاده است.
If you click on the title, you can read it all.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A neutral life

In Southern California, weather is always good!!
This is the most neutral sentence that you can think of it, and yet it is so true.
It doesn’t matter if someone is losing a life somewhere else in the world due to the war or earthquake, it doesn’t matter if Anousheh went to space and came back. Nothing really matters.
Here whenever you see anyone anywhere, the first and the last thing you hear is “isn’t it such a nice weather? ”.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Something I would write if I had a little bit more time!

Click on the title and read a bralliant note about Helen CLaire. I saw the old movie when I was very young and eversince it was one of my favorite stories. This is still a very touching moment for me when I read about her or see people are talking about her.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Chakameh as Chakameh, not as me!

This is one of the most beautiful occasion that I've heard my name in a text.
There is something in my heart that tied itself up so tight with what she writes. Like what it was in the Jane Eir, when Mr. Rochester told Jane that he feels tight ties in his left side down his heart......
Oh, I wish I could write in Persian.

OK, I think the URL doesn't work, I paste the text here.

در من شعله اي بود كه ديگر نيست. بارقه اي, آييژكي.چيزي از جنس نور كه ديگر نيست. نيست كه روشن كند واژه را و واژه روشن كند چكامه را و چكامه گريزپاره هاي عاشقانه را و من ر ا و تو را...نيست. نيست و من خانه به خانه, لكه به لكه, گياه به گياه و در به در مي گردم تا پيدايش كنم. باز ستانمش. وارهانمش. نيست. ديگر نيست. به سايه ها پيوسته و در تاريكي ها خفته است. در من چيزي بود كه ديگر نيست.حالا خاموش است. اين تلخي ته نشين شدهُ ماسيدهُ ماندهُ كهنه بر جانم نشسته و خاموشم كرده است.خاموشي تلخ. تلخي خاموش.كژدمي بر پوست تنم مي خزد. نيش مي زند و از تلخي من برخود مي لرزد. رنگ مي بازد. جان مي دهد.همين.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mary Hopkins' Those were the days

Those were the days

How many of you have similar memories?

Friday, October 06, 2006

A poem from I don't know whom :-)

ما برای پرسيدن نام گلی ناشناس
چه سفرها کرده‌ايم
چه سفرها کرده‌ايم
ما برای بوسيدن خاک سر قله‌ها
چه خطرها کرده‌ايم
چه خطرها کرده‌ايم
ما برای آنکه ايران گوهری تابان شود
خون دلها خورده ايم
خون دلها خورده ايم
ما برای جاودان ماندن اين عشق پاک
رنج دوران برده ايم
رنج دوران برده ايم
If you know the poet please tell me :-)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Las Vegas

Last week we went to Las Vegas, or as Amir calls it Sin City. This was my second visit to Las Vegas. Last time was exactly 2 years ago, when I came from Vienna to visit Amir for 3 weeks, and we drove there to see one of his friends.
My first reaction to the city was that I felt I am Pinoccio in the Amusement Park. Where he had changed to donkey. I am not kidding. Everything was HUGE, and FAKE. Big buildings were copies of Paris, Venice, Rome, ro like Eatern / Arabic palaces (Aladin) and me, just coming from Europe was so mad and didn't like it at all.
In addition, I hate gambling. I never realize how people spend their money in the Slot Machines.
Anyhow, 2 months ago I won “another” radio contest and the prize was 4 nights at Las Vegas. So, we HAD to go there :-)
Amazingly, this time I enjoyed it. There are so many things besides gambling that one can do there. There are many shows, and many concerts one can go, and so many Gourmet Kitchens. We visited one of Cirque du Soleil show, and got a Gondola Ride, had some very good foods. There were few things that if they hadn’t happened, I would say I had a very good trip, but oh Well, Life is not fair. Is it?