Wednesday, July 30, 2008

20 fingers

Last weekend, when Amir and I were browsing the Persian Movie section of the public library close to our home, I came across a movie made in Norway “20 Fingers”, claiming that it shows the uncensored sights of Iranian families. It was the winner of "Best Film Venezia 61" and so, I became very curious and we rented the movie.
Movie was dedicated to Abbas Kiarostami, and I think this pretty much tells a whole lot about the style of the movie.
The movie was made of 7 or 8 episodes, all made of close up videoing of one couple arguing about one topic at the time. Topics like virginity, having out-of-marriage relation, boyfriends/girlfriends jealousy; husband wants a kid while the wife disagrees, and etc.
At first we thought episodes are connected mainly because the very same two characters were playing them all, but when the movies ended, we guessed they were individual pieces (perhaps, I am not sure). Camera was very good, and I got a good feeling of the cast performance.
The point I got from the movie was that it wanted to show the limitations Iranian women are facing mainly from their male-partners, either boyfriend or husband.
But my main point is that as the movie claims to show some uncensored scene of Iranian family, it neither discussed any problem in detail, nor I found the conversations very intellectual to follow. The female sentences were so childish and hard to follow for me. Amir had the similar feeling about the guy.There were kind of talks you can hear here and there, but so what? I mean at the end we looked at each other like “What??”
I can say it was of those type of movies made solely to show our problems to the rest of the world, and to win a useless price. I didn't even get a single positive moment in the whole movie!!!!
It reminded me of an online movie about the problem of homosexuals in Iran. I can't remember the name of the movie, I watched it probably last year. It was made in Sweden I guess ( I am not sure). An astonishing movie talking about the facts, showing them clearly, suggesting some good ways to help them out. I Mean I am not against making movies that shows our problems, but I beleive there is a use in Art. If you are this lucky to get the tools, make a use of it.....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You got the point Chakameh jan! Unfortunately these days, you see a lot of Iranian movies made only for rewards and international festivals, with no or maybe little fact inside! And they all claim to be the very concept of Art!!
It is time to ask "what's going on out there?!"

Be happy and happy.

Blogger Reza said...

سلام به چكامه خانم
من البته اين فيلم 20 انگشت و اون يكي فيلم سوئدي را كه نوشته اي نديده ام متاسفانه. ولي بعضي از فيلم هاي ديگه يي كه ديده ام و در جشنواره هاي خارجي هم جايزه برده اند من رو هم به اين نتيجه مي رسونند
كه انگار صرفاً به عنوان يك كار هنري ساخته شده اند يا شايد مطابق ذوق و طبع كساني هستند كه مخاطب اصلي فيلمها نيستند.

Blogger Nazy said...

I miss you Chakameh! I have been terrible in keeping up with my friends recently. Please forgive me. I'll try and do better. Be good aziz-e-delam and take care of yourself.

Blogger مسعود said...

من دیروز ترجمه مصاحبه کیارستمی در گاردین را خواندم که گفته بود من در فیلم هایم به عشق و دوستی میان مردم می پردازم و می خواهم چهره انسانی تری از مردم کشورم را به دنیا نشان بدهم و از اینکه می بینم چهره خشن و نامطلوب از ایران در غرب نشان می دهند متاسفم.حالا این بابا فیلمش را به کیارستمی تقدیم کرده؟

Blogger Chakameh Azimpour said...

Hi Masoud. Don't take me wrong. It is not a bad picture of Iran shown to the West. My complian was that there was no point in the movies. It was just some views and cuts of the normal life. No mesage, no sign, nothing special.
Movie was dedicated to Kiarostami, mainly because the director and actress of the movie, is the one who played in "10" by Kiarostami. I have watched almost all of his movies, and after each one I swore I am not going to the next one. But I kept going :-) Overal, am not a fan of his style, but I love his point of view, and his technique. And "10" was actually something that I really enjoyed. Have you watched that movie? It is one of the few movies from Kiarostami that I enjoyed watchingit.

Blogger مسعود said...

ok.روشن شد

Blogger NeghNeghoo said...

از وبلاگ آبچینوس به این جا پرتاب شدم.
چه خوب می نویسی و چه شورانگیز ایران را می ستایی
زنده وبرقرار باشی

Blogger Chakameh Azimpour said...

Hello Neghneghoo Jan. Thanks for visiting me and thank you so much for your lovely input.


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