Friday, July 18, 2008

Khoshrow Shakibaei

Our life is full of good and bad news. Yet, when there is a bad news, it hits us like it had never been once before.
This morning I started a very good and calm day. I was in a good mood, my miraculous baby started to move and it feels so amazing. The sun and sky were in the exact color to fulfill my enjoyment of life and happiness.
Then, suddenly I’ve heard in the radio that he is gone. “Hamid Hamoon” that I’ve learned the meaning of love with him is gone. How could he do that? Didn’t he know that he was the symbol of love for our generation? Didn’t he know that for us who grew up in war and terror, Love was the greatest gift given in his wandering around “Mahshid” and the philosophy of Love?
Well, since morning every single second that I close my eyes, the sights of Hamoon come and go to my memories. I am not sure how many times I’ve watched the movie, but I know I loved him eversince. His voice was so touching and I know I will miss him a lot.
May he rest in peace.


Blogger Amir Sharifi said...

Same here:0(

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was grown up with his voice and face during all those years...
He was incredibly in touch with my soul...
His voice is still with me singing:
Madare man, madare man
To yaario yavare man...

Blogger Chakameh Azimpour said...

Parinaz joon. Thanks for the comment. Yes. I loved his voice too. He had a character of his own. Not like anybody else. Heif....

Blogger مسعود said...

ما هم که شنیدیم هرکداممان اول با تعجب گفت:اااااو بعد با تحسر گفت:حیف .
روحش شاد.همه او را دوست داشتند

Blogger Chakameh Azimpour said...

Hello Masoud. That is what exactly happened to us. When we heard it in the radio, we just said Haaaaa, and then " Oh, no. Cheghadr Heif". That is life.
I wanted to add this poem for him too, but I don't have the persian font. Here I write it in English letters, please read it in Persian.

"Zendegi sahneh yektayeh Honarmandi mast,
Har kassi naghmeh'yeh khod khanad o az sahneh ravad,
Sahneh peyvasteh bejast,
Khorram an naghmeh ke mardom beseparand be yad".

Blogger bijan said...

How strange & sad! I have not seen Hamoon nor did I know who Khosrow Shakibaie was. I googled those names & I realized I know Mahshid (Bita Farrahi.) We were close family friends & I grew up with her! I left Iran when we were teenagers & didn’t see her till many years later when she came to US for a visit. I was in college & just managed a short visit, but realized how beautiful she had become. I guess I will have to see the movie now.

Is congratulation in order? Are you expecting?

Blogger Chakameh Azimpour said...

Akh Bijan...How lucky are you who khow Bita Farahi. She is one of my favorite actresses. She has another movie with Khosrow Shakibaie (Kimia), which is also a very strong movie. But seeing Hamoon is a must. However, you have to put yourself in our positions, the Revolution-Generation, and watch it feeling the time of 1360s in Iran. But even without it, it is A GREAT MOVIE.
And then, Yes :-))) The miracle had happened.... Only 4 more months and then I will be the minority in our household.


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