Friday, November 30, 2007

too late

Some time ago, I pasted this piece of poem in my blog. It was so sad to read this morning that Jaleh Esfahani had passed away. May she rest in peace and be happy forever.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Tower of Babel 1563 (200 Kb); Oil on oak panel, 114 x 155 cm; Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Vienna


Today I came across this painting, and it took me back to Vienna. I thought if I upload the painting here, it may help me not feeling so homesick for Wien :-))
The original painting is in the Museum of Art History in Vienna. Looking at this I can see it clearly on the right wall of the room.
The first time I saw the painting I thought: "Humm. I don't think the Babel Tower was right on the beach. If it was, there was no need to make a heaven like that. The whole idea of making this building was to make a heavenlike place for his wife.......". I still don't know. Is there anybody who knows if the Babel Tower was built right on the edge of a river or a sea?

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

A small turkey for a small family of two

This year is not my first Thanksgiving in the US, but it is my first REAL one :-)

The fact that I was so grateful for our new home makes this day a very special day for me.

A small turkey for a small family of two, with a big hope that we get the chance to celebrate the coming thanksgivings with more friends and a bigger family.

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Friday, November 09, 2007

Being lonely

In the last couple of days I am living in that strange feeling of life. I am happy at home, everything is fine at work, my parents are here and are taking care of me. But something is missing inside.
Two nights ago when I was driving back home, in that bad traffic, I was thinking how badly I need to have a friend to talk to. It is very sad every time I go through my cell phone list I see no name that buzz......
The only regret I have from emmigation is the fact that I lost my friends. May be "lost" is not the right word. I am in regular contact with most of them. The point is that we are not that close anymore, and with this time difference I can't even call them when I want.
Tough life......................................!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Where are you from?

Location: Las Vegas, in the elevator in front of the MGM
Time: 12:35 PM

An American guy came inside the elevator, joined my Mom and I. He listened to our conversation for 10 second and asked politely: May I ask where are you from?

Me: Iran

He: Where???

Me: IIIIran!!

He: Ahh, Iran.

Me: Yep.

He: Nice. Is it your first trip to the US?

Me: Oh no. I actually live in California. But you asked where am I coming from, this is why I said Iran.

He: you know, I have a friend who works cross the street (He points a place with his hand). He says he is Persian.

We are now out of the elevator

Me: Well, that is another version. I know there are people from Iran calling them Persian. The fact is that now on the map the name of my country is Iran, and I come from there. And I proudly say I am Iranian.

He (With a big smile on hie face): Here you go :-). That is the way it should be.

Me: Bye.

He: Enjoy your trip.

Me: Thanks.

Later when I was translating the conversation for my Mom, I mentioned that I have so many friends who have had hard time in Iran, and here they have been mistreated just because of where they are from. I understand why they would rather go with “Persian”, to more relate themselves with older Golden time of Iran, but I have been schooled in Iran. I have learned to love in Iran, the country gave me so much more than what I gave her. I do like to speak English and French, and tell people I have learned them back at home. I love it the way it is, I call it Iran, and I wish one day I don’t see anybody being ashamed of calling him/herself Iranian.