Sunday, November 16, 2008

my son, Cyrus

My son decided that 36 weeks is a quiet long time, and didn't want to wait for the full term to be completed. Or he accidentaly poked the water-balloon, and it was too late to sit back and say "Oh, mom, I am very sorry...I didn't really mean it:-) Anyhow, he joined us on November 10th @ 1855, and we named him Cyrus (to be pronounced Seerous). The very same day, one of my best friends who is indian (I will tell you a story about her, and how she is my Didi Jan later) send us a note on what she had found about the name Cyrus. Here is what she wrote me:

"The name Cyrus is derived from either the Persian word "kurush," which may relate to the sun, or "kuru", which relates to throne. Cyrus the Great was the first Persian ruler;he conquered Babylon, and is known Biblically for releasing the Hebrews from their captivity there.Cyrus is the name of several saints.
BTW there is a KURU dynasty in Hindu mythology too. And they fought a great war in KURUSHETRA which means Land Of The Kurus...hmmm....go figure ..........."

-Anisha Verma