Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Pacific Coast Highway

Every day at least few times I hear people ask me “how do you feel NOW about your commute to work”.
Well, you know, I had started to work here about 7 months ago. My work is pretty far from where I live. There is a long way of 56 miles (one way) to drive to work and in a normal day it takes me 1,5 hour to get here and almost the same to go back home. For a Morning-person like me, it is hard to start work at 9:30 and I loose a very big amount of time.
But, what those people don’t know is the magic of Pacific Coast Highway. PCH is a narrow road by Pacific Ocean. It goes from South Los Angeles to somewhere close to San Francisco.
The first time I was driving in it, I was totally lost in the curves and the view. There were some curves that my whole body wanted to be eye and look at the ocean, but my brain was telling me “look straight”, look straight”… It is a great scenery road. I think I am very lucky that I have to drive through PCH.
The ocean is so beautiful. It is like a live creature that changes every day. It is color is so amazing. Especially in the morning when the sun is rising, it is like it shines as gold, dark blue, light green and even some kind of bright gray. Even in foggy days it is so beautiful.
Last week, driving to work I saw someone was canoeing right by Getty Village shore and two dolphins were swimming along his canoe.
So, dolphins and the magic of PCH doesn’t let me getting tired and I am so thankful

Monday, July 24, 2006

American life!

Read this if you can read Persian.

How long does it take for you?

I read a post on a friend’s site, in which he was saying that it took him 3 years to be a person, whom he would make fun of some years ago.
Such an amazing similarity. I feel the same way.
To be more honest, I shall say it took me 14 years to become a person that I like. I grew up somewhere in which, Do and Don't were (and still are) more than “why” and “how”. There were many rules that I couldn't find any logic in them. I sworn to myself as a 10 years old kid to never fall in one of these ordinary frames and to make my own open frame. So I left home when I was 16,5 and I thank my parents for being fully understanding and very supportive.
While I was living alone for the last 14 years, I tried to see how other people live, first around my country and then around the world. I tried to see the “goods” and the “bads” and set my own Do and Don't. Meeting people with different backgrounds, different religions and different cultures gave me a wide perspective of the world in which we are living. I found out that a smile can open any door. I found out that it's ones own hard work which is going to be appreciated and I realized its me and only me who can benefit of my efforts. I didn’t ask anyone’s help and tried to help as much as I could. I’ve learn to say Thank you, in answer to a Thank you. I tasted many different cuisine and learned to remember that my country is of those unique places in which you can share an Omelets with 10 crazy people and enjoy it soooooooooo much.
I got to know many many nice people around the world who recognized me for my help and sympathy. So many nice people that I can't count them. I also saw someones, who despite seeing the truth right in front of their eyes, insisted to stay blind-folded. (Thanks God there were not many of them)
But It is true. I believe it. It took me 1 year in the USA to transform to a person, whom I don’t like. Here I’ve learn to hear “Uhhuunnn” in respond to Thank you and I’ve learned that the friendship is based on the type car you are driving.
And I can’t forget that my country is that far that I sometime forget where am I standing. This feeling is worst when you live in Los Angeles, and work close to a Persian neighborhood in which they all speak Persian, and they all talk about how they all live in the dream of living in Iran, but then you know they no longer know what Iran really is.
Is this the US-cultural system, the Iran-nostalgia, or not having a real friend or something else, I still didn’t figure out!
If you have any idea, let me know :-) I do like to transform back!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Who am I :-))

I am not a big fan of taking personality tests, but recently I engaged more in this. It is helping me know myself better. The new tests didn't change what I used to think I am, it was good for my own sake though :-)
So here is the result of my test, I also encourage you to take it when yoy have some minutes. It is a nice test, very flexible in the answers, which was great for someone like me. I never liked those test who have solid answers. I am full of contrasts and like different things at the same time, and this test let me locate myself in a two-dimensional chart. Well, if you are interested, just click here for your own test :-)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

A website that I really like

Deep down, underneath the face of a research scientist who had lived alone for 15 years, traveled around the world and is an example of an independent and strong girl for all who know her, there is a little kid who still get excited of every little thing, get upset of every little thing and cry easily for every little thing.
But even so, nothing could make her as emotional as this writing did. I am not sure if I am happy to find Lost Dreams or sad, the only thing I know is that I really like it.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

who you are?

I tried this test and it is pretty good.

Friday, July 14, 2006

no title

آدمی پرنده نيست

تا به هر کران که پرکشد، برای او وطن شود

سرنوشت برگ دارد آدمی

برگ‌، وقتی از بلند شاخه‌اش جدا شود

پايمال عابران کوچه‌ها شود

This poem is from another Afghan poet, Ghorbanali Tabesh. There is a nice articel about him in BBC.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

for Faramarz Aslani-lovers

Here is what I'd found from Faramarz Aslani. I won a Ticket for his concert last month in a radio contest. Being in his concert was such an unbelievable moment for Amir and I. The concert was in a club named Red Square in Woodland Hills, LA, starting at 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM. The very same day we were coming back from a three-day trip to San Diego. But nothing, not even the fatigue of this travel could prevent us to go there that late. The only thing I can say is that we seriously made a smart choice. He was amazing. During the concert, every single moment I was reminding myself that such a wonderful time I am having. I can’t describe it. I was standing there, one meter away from him, in the crowd and everybody was singing his songs. Different people, different ages, an old lady on the wheelchair, middle aged couples, young couples, and so many friends were united there to sing “Ageh yek rouz beri safar”. Oh, even talking about it make me feel like it was just a dream. Amir has couple of photos in his website Amir's Album: The only tape.
Recently I think more and more about the Iran’s revolution and its impact on the middle class back in Iran. Most of us lost the golden years of our life surviving, finding our faith again and most of the people I know, were obliged to emigrate, voluntarily or involuntarily. I think here, in Los Angeles due to the high ranked population of Persian people, my nostalgic feeling is growing.
It is like LA is a mini-Tehran, or as they call it Tehran-jeles. Persian community had established itself as a very successful community and that made me regret what we could do in Iran. Most of the people I see here, are living here, are working, are successful, they are happy, but are missing home. Not that there is anything back there for them, it just doesn’t feel right.
This home is beautiful,
But it is not my home
This land is pretty
But it is not motherland

[In Persian:
In khaneh ghashang ast vali khaneh man nist
In khak fariba’st, vali khak vatan nist

It is funny. Where did Faramarz take me? I hope you enjoy listening to his songs.