Tuesday, January 09, 2007

After a month, Yalda Partying

Shirin was so nice to invite me for this play. I was actually reading many of the memoirs, but never thought of myself as a real blogger :-) and because no one (OK, almost no one) knows me on the web, didn’t think I may be asked to write something. Then when she nicely invited me, it took me a while to come up with something. Well, here are some things people don’t know about me:
1) Even though I am very talkative now, I didn’t talk until I was 3.5. Not even a word. Then suddenly one day I had started talking fluently. And… God bless me. I never stopped.
2) When I was 23, I was studying two masters of degree at the same time and was working full time as well. In addition, I was going to all the concerts in Tehran, and did not miss a chance for any theatre or any movie. I was partying with my friends all the time. Going to all the coffee shops and all the parks was in the usual plans as well. Once a very good friend of mine (at that time, now he doesn’t writes me any more!) told me that he is going to write a book about me and call it as: Stories of a girl who was very strange. Quite a while later, my cousin told me that he plans to make a movie about me and call it as “Stories of a girl who was very strange”. HEE Heee, I smiled and said "I’m sorry. The authorship of this subject is already sold".
To be honest, that period was the happiest time of my life. I used to think I would change the world. I will adopt many children and will do not but goods.
3) This is again very much related to no#1. I have a great public relation and almost no one really know that I am rather very shy :-) I really tried hard to learn how to overcome my shyness. So now my weapon is to show a happy smily face to every body. Still, in some gathering when there are many people, I have to really try hard to get along. It seems that I am doing it very well, as usually people believe I am naturally like this.
4) I decided to become a geneticist and work at Institute Pasteur to design Vaccine for poor people, when I was only 12. I followed the dream, until after the college when I was planning for the Graduate school; I suddenly decided to continue my higher education in Literature. “Old languages of Persia” was the subject. But my Mom didn’t let me and said for these many years you worked toward your dream and you can’t abandon it now. So, I continued in Genetics, worked at Pasteur Institute (in Iran), and studied new systems for vaccine delivery. Now, I am 32 and I made my dream "come true". But still deep in my heart, I am looking for any opportunity to pursue a degree in Persian literature or History. There is where my heart belongs to, too.
5) The hardest period of my life was when I was waiting to get the permission to work in the US. One of those days, where I was so fed up and tired, I got a mail from a very old friend of mine. She said she was googling me to find my address and write me. It was such a bright moment and I started googling myself :-)) as I couldn’t find much, I decided to make a blog to be visible on the net. And it is how “Chakameh on the web” was born. Unfortunately, I was not very persistent in writing. Probably because I didn’t give my web-address to anyone or may be because I am waiting to be discovered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here I was. Shirin Joon. Thanks again for inviting me. Now on my turn to invite someone, I shall say the few blogger that I know already wrote something. But I truely invite whoever read this blog to write couple of sentences in here about her/himself.